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Hoop it up like the pros. Our outdoor athletic surfaces are durable and colorful. They are manufactured with the highest standards of quality, safety and performance which allows you to experience the playability of hardwood with a genuine or synthietic leather basketball that's just not possible on an asphalt or concrete court.


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Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America with over 3 million athletes. It is often played in schools, parks, recreation centers, camps and retirement communities.

Check out our NEW Sport Game PB that's specifcally engineered for safety and performance in pickleball.

  • SportGame PB surface provides the lowest skin abrasion compared to traditional hard court surfaces like acrylic and concrete and
  • the patented Lateral ForgivenessTM reduces the strain and fatigue on your joints so you can play longer!


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Batting Cages

Do you dream of having a professional batting cage installed in your backyard? A backyard multi-sport game court is a terrific place to install your own batting cage. Sport Court St. Louis will install a professional batting cage that has netting custom-built to your dimensions and specifications. Poles, batting cage nets and other components are sourced through a third party supplier not directly associated with the Sport Court brand. Contact us today for a friendly consultation or on-site estimate.


Everyone loves to smack a wiffle ball. It isn’t as easy as it looks, though. You can throw crazy curves and amazing sinkers, and if you swing too hard, you’ll put the “whiff” back in “wiffle."

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Sport Court has been the official supplier for the USA Volleyball national teams since 1989 and the only surface used for the NCAA Volleyball Championships since 1993. Need additional court space for your volleyball facility? Sport Court of St. Louis outdoor volleyball courts are the ideal solution to expand your opportunities for additional practice time and revenue.

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Roller Hockey

Skating on asphalt and concrete creates a lot of wear and tear — on your court and on your body. Sport Court Sport Game surface offers ideal traction and shock absorption for the outdoor Roller Hockey enthusiast. Our Defense indoor modular flooring was specially designed to handle your most aggressive turns, jump-stops and slides, providing a smooth, fast, fun surface for all the hockey action you can handle.

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Whether you're just kicking the ball around, or playing a competitive game, Sport Court St. Louis futsal courts deliver terrific pace and response on the ball, helping athletes develop superior foot skills and creating an exciting and speedy game. 

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We are the only national company that can provide a total solution to your tennis court building and resurfacing needs. From tennis court resurfacing to tennis court construction, Sport Court advanced tennis systems provide safe, long-lasting surface options that reduce or eliminate the constant repairs, maintenance and cracking associated with standard acrylic courts. 

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Putting Greens

Sport Court St. Louis’s professional-grade putting greens let you experience the look and feel of the golf course right outside your back door. Sport Court St. Louis synthetic turf is sourced from a manufacturer not affiliated with the Sport Court brand. 

Our synthetic turf is installed over a concrete base that keeps your putting green looking great year after year with little maintenance. Due to the numerous freeze thaw cycles of our geographic area, putting greens installed over compacted gravel just don't stand a chance. Over time the ground settles and creates low spots that become a breeding ground for mold & mildew, leaving your investment unattractive. 


If you ever made it through 5th grade (or dodged a wrench), you’ve probably mastered dodge ball. But just in case, here are the official rules.

Sport Court® surface is used in the 20th Century Fox movie "Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story" released in 2004 starring Vince Vaughn.

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If you think tennis is fast, wait until you start up a fierce game of Sport Court® backyard badminton. The birdie in some professional matches travels over 200 miles per hour. Your birdies may not fly that fast, but the hours will as you enjoy your time together. 

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All the fun of the cruise ship game without leaving home. Perfect for players of all ages. 

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Soccer Tennis

In the era of multitasking, this is the perfect way to hone two sports skills at once. 

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Wacketball® is played like tennis with different equipment. No, not hockey gear — just a special foam ball and Sport Court® Wacketball® racket. It’s a good cardio workout that will improve your tennis skills, too.

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Most handball courts have bright white lights and stark white ceilings closing you in. If you install a court in your backyard, it will be filled with fresh air and sunlight. 

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Netball is a fast paced sport that needs a safe, high-performance surface to play on. Concrete, asphalt and acrylic surfaces deteriorate quickly and are unforgiving to fall on. The Sport Court PowerGame surface is engineered with Lateral Forgiveness, making it the safest court in the world. It also provides a comfortable playing environment in hot weather as court temperatures are lower in comparison to asphalt, concrete or acrylic surfaces.