Sport Court St. Louis CourtBuildersTM live and work in the area, so we understand local building codes, weather and environmental issues. We will be with you every step of the way, and will be here for you for the life of your court.

Our sales consultants make a special effort to provide individual attention to each client and stay involved with every phase of your recreational project. By the time we've made-over your indoor basketball court or outdoor basketball court or multi-sport game court you will truly feel like part of the Sport Court® family. And just like family, we will be there for you. Our customer service team provides immediate assistance, exceptional results and proactive follow-up.

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  • Our experienced salesperson will visit your property and discuss your project with you and your family to determine the right size court for the sports you choose and that fits in your budget.
  • During the visit, they will work with you to determine where the court will be located and any site preparations required to access the yard, level the surface, etc. 
  • You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, see product samples, and if you'd like we can arrange for you to visit an existing backyard court nearby. 


Upon completion of the site visit, we will prepare a personalized quote with up to 3 different court options with varying cost. The quote will be itemized so you can pick and choose which Sport Court surface and accessories you like.



Upon approval of the quote, you'll sign and return a copy of the contract. A final meeting may be scheduled to review the project and the timeline or it can be done over the phone. Next, we'll work with you to pick the color of your court and prepare a rendering for you. Once we've finalized all the details of your backyard court, you'll be invoiced for a deposit when the materials for your court are ordered, again when the concrete is poured and the final payment will be due upon completion of the project.

*If your project requires permits, the timeline of the project is dependent on approval from the city. 


STAGE 5: SITE PREP                                                  

Site preparation varies from yard to yard. It may require extensive grading, retaining walls, drainage, etc.  

The contours of your property will determine the amount of work required to create a large flat area.

  • Sod will be stripped away
  • The court site will be leveled, often with a “cut and fill” (dirt will be moved from one end of the court to the other to level out the surface area)
  • If there is a large change in elevation from one end of the site to the other, a retaining wall may be necessary
  • Courts collect and direct a lot of water, so drainage must be considered
  • If drainage is required for your permit, it will be installed first
  • A crushed stone base of 4” is put down and compacted
  • Then the site will be ready for the base of your court to be built


The base is the hard flat surface where your court will be built. If your court is brand new, we typically use concrete, however, if you have an existing asphalt surface we can crack fill and repair the surface so the Sport Court surface can be installed on top. Pouring the concrete is usually a 1-2 day process: first the area is formed up & the approproate holes are dug out for light poles, hoops, net poles and ball containment, then the concrete is ordered and delivered, once the concrete is hardened the concrete is saw cut to help control future cracking. 

  • Generally bases are built with concrete or asphalt, though other options exist
  • Concrete done right is permanent and will not require any maintenance
  • Asphalt will deteriorate with repeated freeze thaw cycles and at some point will require repair and maintenance
  • Compacted base (made by layering smaller and smaller stone and compacting the layers) will be permeable and requires some maintenance
  • Modular bases require no concrete or asphalt and are very permeable



Concrete or asphalt can be painted to look nice, but the surface doesn't provide any cushioning. Many people apply acrylics to these surfaces, but they offer only a very small layer of protection. Modular surfaces, on the other hand, are designed and engineered to absorb shock and allow water to safely pass through them and flow off the court. They keep athletes safer and ease wear on your body. 

What makes Sport Court unique is the patented modular surface that makes your backyard court look nice, reduces maintenance and provides safety that no other surface provides. Our certified CourtBuilders will install the hoop system, ball containment netting, net system and the Sport Court modular tiles. Games lines will be painted and 24 hours later - your family has the backyard of your dreams! Installation typically takes 1-2 days. 


10. Warranty - What Are the Different Warranties for Different Surfaces?

Things can go wrong with any surface. Be sure to read the fine print on any warranty to ensure yourself a long, happy relationship with your new court.

  • Generally there are no warranties on paint
  • Acrylic surfaces may offer some warranty, but not long, as acrylic must be reapplied every few years
  • Modular surfaces offer a range of warranties, often 10 years or more
  • Has the manufacturer been in business longer than their warranty period?
  • Really, read the fine print 


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